August 27, 2002

SC25K- NO KO?: I generally

SC25K- NO KO?: I generally enjoyed Sunday's 25,000th episode of SportsCenter, as it was great to see all of those classic SportsCenter commercials, testimonials by celebrities, and a rare non-football appearance by Chris Berman. But I had one very big problem with the show- not a single appearance, or even acknowledgement, of former anchor Keith Olbermann. Now I realize that to say Olbermann left ESPN on bad terms would be the understatement of the decade, but the man did appear on almost half of those SportsCenters, and along with Dan Patrick he took the show to a level which it had never reached before and hasn't come close to reaching since. However, none of the show's old highlights included Keith, nor was he in any of the classic commercials chosen for the Top 5. They didn't even broadcast any of the classic bloopers from the Patrick-Olbermann era of the show, most notably that great moment when Dan's microphone broke and Keith's hand held it in the bottom corner of the screen.
I have always loved SportsCenter and likely always will, but I am very disapointed that the network chose on this occasion to ignore a man who is likely (other than Berman) the greatest anchor in the history of SportsCenter.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 27, 2002 11:33 PM
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