August 15, 2002

KEEP PHISHIN': After a two-year

KEEP PHISHIN': After a two-year hiatus, Phish announced today that they will reunite for a series of concerts, including a New Years' Eve show in Manhattan and a four-night stand in Hampton, VA. While I don't fit the stereotype of the average "trustafarian" Phish fan, I rarely listen to their albums, and I likely wouldn't pick them as even one of my 25 favorite bands, I've seen them twice and I highly recommend the experience. In fact, I spent my Millenium New Years' seeing the band at the Big Cyprus Indian reservation in Florida, and it was at once one of the wildest and most mellow experiences of my life- and five months after the infamous Woodstock '99 riot, it was nice to go to a major youth-oriented music festival with lots of peace and love and not so much arson, sexual assualt, and other grotesque violent acts. It's too early to say if I'll be going to see Phish on their latest go-'round, but I wholeheartedly welcome their return.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 15, 2002 02:32 AM
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