August 14, 2002


VENI VEDI VICTOR: The new Eddie Murphy film "The Adventures of Pluto Nash," while it looks like a complete and total dud (as it has sat on the shelf for nearly two years), it does have one thing going for it: the villain is played by the hilarious up-and-coming actor Victor Varnado. Varnado, who has the unlikely distinction of being both an albino and an African-American, got his start performing in comedy clubs in Minneapolis (where I saw him more than once) and has since graduated to film roles- he previously appeared in "End of Days" with Arnold Schwarznegger and the controversial Harmony Korine film "julien donkey boy."
Victor now resides in New York; for more check out his website,

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 14, 2002 01:20 AM
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