June 06, 2002


DISRESPECTING PEARL, CONT'D: The Boston Phoenix has made the peculiar editorial decision to both publish pictures of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl's murder and to link (from its website) to a video of said murder. The newspaper's publisher attempted to explain the decision by saying that "every non-Jew hater" should view the videotape in order to truly get the essence of how evil the terrorists really are. I'm not buying this reasoning, for several reasons: 1) The Pearl family has made it clear that they do not approve of the video's dissemination, and it's only right to respect their wishes, 2) Anyone who lived through 9/11 has already seen what terrorism looks like and doesn't need to be reminded again, 3) The left-leaning Phoenix, which has been more than a little sympathethic towards Palestinian terrorism, is hardly one to talk, and 4) Isn't a "non-Jew hater" one who hates non-Jews?
Out of respect to the memory of the heroic journalist who died as a proud Jew at the hands of the same evil terrorists who gave us 9/11, I will not be providing a link in this space to the video of his murder. If you absolutely must see it, it's not hard to find on the internet.

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 6, 2002 09:16 PM
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