June 01, 2004

Movie Quotes I

Bill and Sheila have been doing this so I thought I would too. I share a semi-obscure movie quote, and you (in the comments) tell me what movie its from. And oh yea- NO GOOGLING! Here's the first:

I could tell you that, given a week to study your father and the ways in which he ignores you, I could come up with a shtick you'd be helpless to resist."

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 1, 2004 10:09 PM

Not to ruin your game, I'll just say that I've never seen it, and that I have always wanted to.

Posted by: Dan Sichel at June 2, 2004 02:06 AM

Hello! This is not a movie that was seen in major movie theatres! It shouldn't even be listed! Also, how can you quote a movie you have never seen!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: at June 2, 2004 08:41 PM
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