August 16, 2004


The Washington Post Magazine published a nauseatingly fawning profile of “DC Sex Blogger” Jessica Cutler over the weekend. It’s bad enough that April Witt’s piece pretends that this celebrity-for-three-days is an actual person of consequence, and that she gives us a play-by-play of the events that we otherwise could have just gotten from reading her blog.

Much worse than that, the Post piece sanitizes and glorifies the story of this woman who spent several months whoring herself to seemingly half of Washington, endlessly pointing out how smart and beautiful she is, and absurdly praising Cutler for “her audacious refusal to keep the pawing patriarchy's dirty secrets.”

I also love the pretentiousness: “Jessica Cutler put her dirty secrets on the Web – and raised a ton of questions about where America is headed.” It’ s a friggin’ sex blog! What’s next, an exegesis about how the geopolitical situation will be turned upside down by the writings of Steve The Mildly Unwell Bastard?

Of all the significant bloggers to emerge in the last few years, why give this one, who in her two-week blogging stint showed scarcely any talent whatsoever- a magazine article? Is it all an effort to promote her upcoming book -which no one will read- even though numerous, much more talented bloggers also have books coming out in the next year? Cutler also talks, in the article, about how she can’t seem to find a boyfriend or a job since the shit hit the fan with the blog. Aw, my heart bleeds for her.

Michele has more:

”Reading the rest of the story, I came away with a worse opinion of Cutler than I already had. She's a shallow, vain, self-centered woman who is going to crash and burn at a very early age, book contract and Playboy money notwithstanding.”


Posted by Stephen Silver at August 16, 2004 06:45 PM
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