August 19, 2004

Conquering Golan

A New Jersey man has come forward claiming that, like Jim McGreevey, he too had an affair with the world’s most infamous homeland security advisor/poet, Golan Cipel. So what if the man appears to be completely batshit-insane?

Golan got off to a good start yesterday in his quest to convince the world that he’s actually straight- returning to his native Israel and appearing in a widely circulated photograph with a cleavage-baring Israeli chick. But then he apparently blew it when the alleged lover, David Miller, appeared on last night’s local news, standing shirtless in the doorway of his home, screaming at reporters to go away.

Front-page stories, including interviews with Miller, appeared in both the Post and Daily News this morning, and both contained quite a few quotes that may tend to shed some doubts on the man’s credibility. Like when he told the NYDN that he refused to speak English because he “hates the United States.” Or when Miller, a doctor and sometime college professor, claimed that he’s a CIA man, who “takes pills doled out by the intelligence agency to make his skin darker so he can infiltrate unnamed groups” (funny, he looked pretty pale to me).

The Post version had Miller (now called “Michael David Miller”) claiming that he was “very active” in McGreevey’s campaign and donated large sums of money, although public records show none whatsoever; it also said Miller took turns speaking English, Spanish, Hungarian, and Hebrew, an example used by several bloggers as evidence that Miller is insane (because as we all know, crazy people like to shift languages indiscriminantly in mid-conversation).

I’m guessing both papers made the determination to put the story on their front pages as soon as they heard their was a lover, and decided to stick with it even though the guy turned out to be an out-and-out lunatic.

UPDATE: Miller has been arrested for, you guessed it, impersonating a federal agent. During his arraignment, his lawyer cautioned his client to not speak. Smart lawyer.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 19, 2004 11:20 PM
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