October 24, 2004

Sound the Bellhorn

The Red Sox win Game 1 11-9 on a home run by Beck lookalike Mark Bellhorn, putting them three wins away from the end of the Curse. I may well be in Boston next weekend for the unprecedented celebration, and a Sox win would I suppose ensure that no one in Boston will give a shit if Kerry loses. (Well, maybe in Cambridge they would).

I'm off to DC in the morning for a conference and then Philly on the way back; I may make an appearance at the Andrew Sullivan/Wonkette blogger confab, set to feature an appearance by Minnesota rock legend Bob Mould. Be back Tuesday; watch for both my Yankee essay and my official presidential endorsement.

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 24, 2004 03:25 AM

You've been playing up your presidential endorsement for a while. Is there going to be a climactic surprise here? More importantly right now, do the Sox sweep? My pick is that they take one of three in StL and win it game 6 in Boston.

Wouldn't that just suck for sox fans if the curse was finally broken and it had to occur in St. Louis. Almost worse than winning the damn thing!

Posted by: Jeff S at October 25, 2004 01:09 AM
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