November 18, 2004

Brain-Dead in O-HI-O

This election-recrimination piece in the Justice by a Brandeis student from Ohio shares his shame that all the stupid hicks in his state voted for Bush, in the process talking about how he’s used to seeing “Confederate flags” in some of the state’s more rural areas. Confederate flags? In OHIO? Is this guy hallucinating?

This is just as implausible as that episode of ‘90210’ where the black students and Jewish students on their college campus are feuding about the upcoming appearance of a Farrakhan-like speaker, and the blacks deface the Hillel building with a swastika.

(Via Josh)

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 18, 2004 03:14 AM

I believe it. I've seen them on a trip to Columbus last year. And it's certainly likely that they'd be even more prominent in southern Ohio, which is only separated from the Confederate South proper by the Ohio river.

I've never been to Cinci, but from what the people of Cleveland tell me, the difference is night and day between northern and southern Ohio. I know it's faulty logic, but if Marge Schott is any indication of what's going on down there, I don't see why it's so implausible.

Posted by: brian at November 18, 2004 09:20 PM

One of those "stupid hicks" that you are talking about is a dear friend of mine and she is neither stupid nor a hick. She happens to be extremely intelligent and just may teach some of your children.

I thought you folks were supposed to be above stereotyping. You say that southerners are narrowminded and ignorant, yet you paint everyone who has some affinity for the Confederate flag as racists, homophobes, ignorant, backwards, hicks, Klansmen, and bigots. What did I leave out?

I'm a ninth generation East Tennessean. I try to lead a Christian life. I tithe and help the poor when I can. Have built habitat for humanity houses. Helped start a church in Guatemala. Have gone on numerous mission trips to help poor families of African ancestry in Johns Island South Carolina. I have two college degrees from the University of Tennessee. Graduated with honors and high honors. I don't "hate" anyone, not even Bin Laden or Hussein. I don't hate or persecute gays or lesbians or anyone else and would not tolerate anyone being ill towards these folks.

I have a bumber sticker on my car which says " I AM A PROUD DESCENDENT OF A CONFEDERATE VETERAN." Why? If you know East Tennessee then you know that every native here had relatives who fought on both sides. I had three on both sides. Those who fought for the south did NOT own slaves, nor did 90-95% of those who fought for the south. Depsite what your textbooks may say, they did not fight for slavery. Most only fought or joined when Lincoln called for 75,000 soldiers to force the south back into the union. Tennessee and several other states only then seceded when Lincoln made this call. The sense of state pride was much stronger then, your state was your "country" and it was understood that you would defend your state/country. Is this not understandable?

This is what my ancestors, and most others, fought for. Despite what Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton or the Klan may tell you, the flag to us and many in your own state means: INDIVIDUALISM, INDEPENDENCE, SELF-RELIANCE, SELF- DETERMINATION, STATES RIGHTS, STATE SOVEREIGNTY, LESS TAXES, LESS GOVERNMENT, HERITAGE, and ANCESTRY. And yes, this heritage and ancestry extends to those of the Jewish faith who fought for the south, and those of hispanic, African, and Native American heritage who fought for the south as well.

Notice there is nothing here about race or hate. We honor those blacks, both free and slave, who fought under this flag. Just as we honor those blacks, both free and slave, who fought on the side of the colonists during the Rev. War. Don't stereotype us. I don't have a racist bone in my body. My Christian beliefs won't allow it.

Posted by: crockett at November 19, 2004 10:47 PM
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