November 19, 2004

I'm Ready For Some Football

I've been to maybe five NFL games in my entire life, but I just happen to going to two, in two different cities, the next two Sundays: Eagles-Redskins in Philly this week, and Vikings-Jaguars at the Metrodome next week.

I've also never before been to a non-Dome NFL game, although spending the afternoon in the cold at the Linc will be worth it, on the off-chance I'll get to meet a towel-clad Nicolette Sheridan.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 19, 2004 12:48 AM

If you've never been to a non-dome NFL game, then you've been deprived of a great experience. There's something to be said for sitting in the cold weather rooting on your team.
(reminiscing of the days of watching the Brown in Municipal Stadium....)

Posted by: jaws at November 20, 2004 04:16 PM
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