November 25, 2004

Video Game Quote of the Week

As always at home, I turned on KFAN earlier today, and this was the first thing I heard:

"So you can drive to the ghetto, pick up a hooker, bring her to your car, pay her, do your thing, and then- this is the best part- as she'd getting out, you can shoot her, and take her money back!"
At first I thought "The Common Man," Dan Cole, had developed some new habits I hadn't heard about. But then, five minutes later, I realized they were talking about "Grand Theft Auto."

Speaking of which, I got invited the other day to participate on a conference call announcing the "10 Most Video Games" for children. Conducted by both Christian groups and feminists- always nice to see the sneering, sanctimonious scolds of the left and right joining forces to wag their fingers in unison- the survey lists "Doom 3" as #1, followed by "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas,"
"Gunslinger Girls 2," "Half Life 2," "Halo 2," and "Hitman: Blood Money."

I prefer this list of Worst Video Games- it's a lot funnier.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 25, 2004 12:24 AM
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