April 25, 2005

Chutzpah Award: At the Draft

This week's award goes to former Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett, who called a press conference on Sunday after he was chosen by Denver with the 101st pick in the NFL draft- a move not taken by the 100 men drafted ahead of him. Also nominated is Cowboys coach Bill Parcells, who drafted Virginia defensive end Chris Canty in the fourth round. Canty is not to be confused with the other Chris Canty, a cornerback out of Kansas State and colossal bust, who the Patriots drafted in 1997 with one of the picks that was compensation from the Jets for, that's right, Bill Parcells.

And speaking of the NFL Draft and awards, the Georgia Bulldogs’ Eckstein tandem had a good day on Saturday, with 2004 Eckstein Award winner David Greene going to the Seahawks in the third round and his running mate, defensive end David Pollack, drafted in the first round by the Bengals. All in all, a great day for University of Georgia football players named David who aren’t Jewish, despite their names.

As for the Vikings, I was pulling for Mike Williams but am satisfied with Troy Williamson, so long as they got a receiver. As for their second pick, I’ve added “Erasmus” to my “potential names if my first-born son is a boy” list, along with Plaxico, Laveranues, Norv, Marvcus, Tebucky, and Craphonso.

Posted by Stephen Silver at April 25, 2005 08:24 PM

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