January 04, 2006

Return of the Merkin

Since Giants pitcher Merkin Valdez failed to appear in the major leagues in 2005 and appears to no longer be such a major pitching prospect, this blog has been afforded very few opportunities of late to make fun of his name (see here for an example of the good old days). But fortunately, the New York Times Magazine ran a piece Sunday on the issue of laser vaginal rejuvenation, and assigned the article to a reporter named... Daphne Merkin. You can't make this stuff up, can you?

It's the funniest media moment related to laser vaginal surgery since 2001, when a Village Voice story on Taliban-era Afghanistan ran a photo of three burqa-clad women- with an ad right next to it featuring you-know-what (as New York Press described):

So what’s the ad that takes up the other half of the page? Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation. There’s a woman in truck-flap profile–arched back, string bikini, satin sheets–staring up at the third Afghan woman. Underneath the satin sheets you read that a board-certified gynecologist, in LA no less, will "completely re-sculpt and rejuvenate the vagina with a one-hour laser procedure." And back at the top of the ad there’s a tagline positioned directly across from the photo of the three women, with their tilted and bowed and Munch-like heads, that reads, "You won’t believe how good sex can be!"
Now that they've kindly been liberated by the good old US of A, those women can, indeed believe it.

UPDATE: This merkin thing is just a gift that keeps on giving. There's actually a model/actress named Michele Merkin! And while her website consists of little more than headshots, acting credits, and other such stuff., it's still considerably more intelligent than Michelle Malkin's website.

Posted by Stephen Silver at January 4, 2006 05:11 PM
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