January 04, 2006

The Pain is Back

My New York Press football column for the week is online here. And I also got my first-ever piece of hate mail on the column, a letter to the editor from a guy who excoriated me for reporting that Tony Dungy's son had "passed away"- I believe his exact words were "The kid didnít 'pass away.' He died. In fact, was a suicide." (???) In other news, Tony Dungy wasn't his father. He was his dad.

My day-job newspaper got a similarly angry letter a few months ago, complaining that a TV news network had reported that a soldier had been "shot and killed" in Iraq, which was supposedly horribly offensive. Another guy responded to my "War on Christmas" editorial by calling me a "Christer." A coworker, meanwhile, last week got a letter to the editor that accused him of being "insolent." (He didn't run it.)

Hate "MSM"- you don't even need a good reason.

Posted by Stephen Silver at January 4, 2006 10:30 PM
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