June 06, 2006

Against Aniston, Cont'd

From an excellent NYT piece by Caryn James on Jennifer Aniston's very uneven film career:

Ms. Aniston needed this hit, because "The Break-Up" follows a terrible professional run. In the last year she has appeared in two high-profile movies the disappointing thriller "Derailed" and the stink-bomb comedy "Rumor Has It" and the smaller "Friends With Money," in which she was the least convincing member of an ensemble.

"The characters in these films are wildly different, but Ms. Aniston's performance isn't. She projects the same high-maintenance Jennifer Aniston style the trademark sleek hair, the natural-looking makeup, the body so toned you wonder how many hours a day a person can spend with a trainer whether she's supposed to be a con woman posing as an executive in "Derailed," an obituary writer for The New York Times in "Rumor Has It" (trust me, no one here looks like that), or a woman so demoralized she quits her teaching job to clean houses in "Friends With Money.""

James also questions whether audiences can connect with Aniston the way they do with Tom Hanks or Julia Roberts. But no matter how many cold-fish performances Aniston gives, she'll never, ever, be as loathsome to me as Roberts is.

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 6, 2006 12:41 AM
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