July 12, 2006

Not Feeling Ya, Tommy

Bit of a howler in Thomas Boswell's column yesterday, in which he interviewed several old-school managers in regards to Ozzie Guillen and his sometimes-volatile behavior. I just couldn't believe what came out of Tommy LaSorda's mouth:

Lasorda, the former Dodgers manager here for the festivities, made it clear that many managers in his time were characters while still knowing the values and standards of the larger society around them.

"It's what Ozzie said that's putting him in hot water," Lasorda said when asked about Guillen's recent slur. "You never heard me say anything like that to anybody. You never heard any of those [Hall of Fame] managers say anything like that.

Would this be the same Tommy LaSorda who disowned his gay son, and never acknowledged that he died of AIDS? And he's ripping Guillen's treatment of the press, when he's the guy who did the famous Dave Kingman tirade?

But hey, he never called a reporter a fag, so he's all good.

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 12, 2006 01:46 PM
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