July 25, 2006

Just Two Back

Months after being given up for dead after their slow start, the Minnesota Twins are now just two games out of a playoff spot, after winning tonight's series opener against the White Sox in Chicago.

The White Sox, in turn, are supposedly about to get Alfonso Soriano, as ESPN.com reported early this afternoon that they were "extremely close" to a deal with Washington for the slugger. However, the deal still hasn't been made 8 hours later, so supposedly it wasn't as "extremely close" as they thought.

The Twins' winning pitcher, meanwhile, was Brad Radke, who was apparently unaffected by a minor media kerfuffle earlier this week. Sid Hartman reported Sunday that Radke does indeed plan to retire after the season. The story also included the tidbit that Radke and his wife are building a house in Florida, and that their current house, on Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota, is "infected with mold."

Hartman's column Monday, however, included the correction- thanks to e-mail from Mrs. Radke- that it is in fact the Radkes' house in Florida that has the mold, not the one in Minnesota that they're presumably trying to sell. Way to go, Sid, probably singlehandedly knocking down the value of their home by tens of thousands of dollars.

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 25, 2006 12:10 AM
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