August 15, 2006

Adult Film Critic Quote of the Day

From Fleshbot (Link not safe for work):

Playboy's Spice Studios is making a foray into what it calls "psycho-sexual drama" in its newest release, "The Sex Whisperer", starring Brittney Skye. The plot involves lonely housewives revealing their innermost sexual secrets to each other, and climaxes with a twist (spoiler alert: the ending paves the way for the sequel, "The Sex Legend of Sexer Vance").

While there is some evidence to support the notion that the feature-style porn movie is making a comeback, the only thing I think when hearing the words "psycho-sexual drama" is "Brandeis University".

Via LilB, who denies that he's now secretly writing for Fleshbot.

UPDATE: And speaking of Jewish-themed pornography, check out this Rachel Kramer Bussel column for a report on an orgy recently conducted by a Queens-based group called Kinky Jews. KJ, she writes, billed the event as an "underwear-only Shabbat dinner." Hey Ben- it's another new independent minyan!

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 15, 2006 02:48 PM
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