August 15, 2006

This Had Better Keep Him From Running For President

News Item: Senator George Allen Calls Opponent's Staffer a "Macaque."

It's an ethnic slur for North Africans, used by the French, as discovered by TNR's Ryan Lizza, via an amazing website called "List of Ethnic Slurs." Did you know, for instance, that a "Matzo Baller" is "a non-Jewish person who prefers Jews as sexual partners"?

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 15, 2006 04:40 PM

A conservative Republican is resorting to the French to pick up his ethnic slurs?

That's it, he's toast.

Posted by: Gib at August 15, 2006 10:00 PM

For some reason, I don't think that George Allen knew it was a French ethnic slur. Unless he regularly reads the Racial Slur Database.

Posted by: Tainted Bill at August 15, 2006 11:11 PM
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