November 28, 2006

Hot Stove Heat

I'm enjoying this year's baseball offseason as much as I always do, though it's really hard to believe some of these crazy contracts ($50 million for Gary Matthews? $100 million for Carlos Lee?) It amazes me that executives, across sports, have yet to grasp the concept that it's not smart to sign a guy to a long-term deal for big money when, in his contract year, he had the first good season of his career. Call it the Carl Pavano Rule.

The Twins really need to get a pitcher or two, and I support the idea of trading for Jason Jennings and maybe signing a bottom-of-the-rotation veteran. A DH would be great too, as long as he's not Barry Bonds.

As for the Phillies, they signed Adam Eaton today for reasonable money, meaning they have five good starters at the end of November (how many teams can say that?) They still need to get rid of Pat Burrell, and you'd think some team would look at his stat sheet and get the mistaken impression that he's a good player. I mean, his contract is about half Juan Pierre's!

I'll have more when the winter meetings kick around next week, although unlike Gleeman, I'm not actually going.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 28, 2006 01:13 AM
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