February 13, 2007

And You Realize You're a Counterterrorist When You Repeat Yourself. You Realize You're a...

While I'm not going to use the J-word, I have noticed that "24" this year has been repeating itself quite a lot from years past. The villains with multiple WMDs spread throughout the season? The plot against the president by aides thinking he isn't tough enough on terror? The possibly evil vice president? Now, I know there are scenarios that are impossible to avoid when dealing with terrorist-related plotting, but even as the show has grown more and more prestigious, it's borrowed from itself more and more.

Posted by Stephen Silver at February 13, 2007 11:53 AM

Indeed. This is the weakest season of the show thus far, IMO. And not only redundant of plots from past years, but very predictable.

It got to the point last night that one of my kids asked me to stop telling her what would happen in the show, because she was not as good a "predictor" as me.

Posted by: Benedict at February 13, 2007 04:07 PM
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