July 17, 2007


Yes, the Phillies have lost their 10,000th game; at this point, I'm just glad it's over, because I was getting sick of hearing about the story. We also keep hearing that they've "lost more than any other team"; but the Phills have been the losingest time in pro sports for decades; hitting the 10,000 mark is nothing new.

Jayson Stark has an idea, with some assistance from ex-Phils Doug Carman and Doug Glanville: "10,000 Reasons Not to Boo Anymore":

A catharsis, remember, is what we're after here. We'd like to see 10,000 losses represent not just another Philadelphia debacle, but a cleansing. An inspiration. An impetus to seek better times through the miracle of positivity.

And why not? All that booing, all that negativity, all that wallowing in the misery -- what has that accomplished, when you get right down to it? Not a whole lot -- outside of more booing, negativity and misery. So why not try it the other way? What does anyone have to lose?

Just as the 2004 World Series freed Red Sox Nation of its demons, why can't 10,000 losses be The Benchmark That Sets Philadelphians Free?

It can be done.

"To be sure this occasion is forever preserved in Philly history, the mantra, 'City of Brotherly Love,' will be no more," Glanville decrees. "It will be replaced with 'The City of Ten Thousand' -- representing the day that Philadelphia forgave every loss in its sport history. And the day the 10,000th loss was recorded, from now to eternity, will be a celebration of love, prosperity and amnesia."

Love? We can handle that. Prosperity? Can't turn our backs on prosperity. But amnesia? Hoo boy. That won't be easy, not without the destruction of miles and miles of videotape. But face it. That booing act has gotten older than Julio Franco. So I'm urging all Philadelphians to repeat after Doug Glanville: It can be done.

At least until the next blown save, anyway.

I've often expounded on this myself: Ditch that whole "culture of negativity" and maybe- just maybe- a championship might someday come.

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 17, 2007 04:55 PM
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