November 14, 2007

Against Negadelphia's Eagle Scout blog asks the questions I've been asking since Sunday about the Eagles:

Where has the joy gone? The enjoyment of the victory? The short term bliss provided by a win over a division opponent, regardless of record, regardless of playoff aspirations. Where has it all gone? A win should ignite some sort of pleasure, the fundamental building block of why someone would go through the emotional toil that has become a Philadelphia Eagles game. Not this day in age. The thrill seems to be gone.
The biggest debate in Philly this week has been whether McNabb's performance in Washington (20-for-28, 247 yards, four TDs, no INT) was a "good game"; this was the subject of a screaming match on WIP Tuesday between player-turned-host G. Cobb and host/blithering idiot Angelo Cataldi. In it, Cataldi, comically, asked if it would've been "open season" on McNabb in Philly had that fourth-quarter fumble actually cost the team the game. Ha. Thanks to schmucks like Cataldi, it's been open season on McNabb for about eight years.

One of 950's nighttime hosts had the best line last night, as a rejoiner to the caller who said "he's sick and tired of all the McNabb defenders." He said, "I'd like to sit side by side with you and watch a 16-game season with someone like Joey Harrington at quarterback, and then see what you think of McNabb then."

As a Vikings fan, I hear that. What's worse- having the "is our five-time Pro Bowl, former Super Bowl quarterback still good?" debate, or having to have this debate:

Kelly Holcomb and Brooks Bollinger are combined 0-4 as starters for the Vikings. Tarvaris Jackson is 3-2. So there. He's the quarterback for this team (of course, in one of Tarvaris' wins, the Viking defense outscored the opponent 14-3, and in the other two Adrian Peterson had 300 total yards--and in one of those Tarvaris didn't even play in the dominant second half anyway. And of course Tarvaris' lack of durability is its own problem. And of course all statistics and observation suggests Tarvaris sucks).
A coda to the worst season of QB play in franchise history: The Vikings, last week, had to pay Koy Detmer $90,000- for signing, practicing for three days, and then being released. Since it'll probably be the last NFL paycheck Detmer ever gets, I hope he spends it on lots of toothbrushes.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 14, 2007 05:20 PM
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