May 21, 2008

Gergen on Hillary

Via Attytood, some advice from former White House counsel David Gergen on what Hilldog should do in the campaign's waning days:

GERGEN: And it also raises the question in my judgment of whether she shouldn't say, you know, if you want to vote against him because he's black, I don't want your vote. I don't want to win that way. This has no place in this primary.

COOPER: Do you see her saying that?

GERGEN: Well, she has been a champion -- she's been a champion of civil rights for a long, long time. She and her husband both have I think well-earned reputations in the civil rights front. She's never had redneck votes before in her life.

I see no reason why she couldn't take the high road here in the closing days of his campaign and try to take this on and take on the Reverend Wright issue to say, "Look, I campaigned with this fellow for 15 months. I know a lot of you people don't think he shares your values that somehow Barack thinks like Reverend Wright. Not true. I know him. I have been with him. And race should come out of this."

I think she could do a lot by taking a high road.

That would be great if she did that. But if did, it would undoubtedly cost her votes. And that's why she hasn't done it. I'd also love McCain to make a similar pledge, and I'd bet he'd do it.

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 21, 2008 04:57 PM
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