May 21, 2008

Against Small Ball

I've been talking for awhile about how while I'm glad the Twins are doing well and the young pitching's coming through, it bothers me a lot that the team, aside from Justin Morneau, just doesn't know how to hit home runs.

So when I checked last night's box scores this morning, and saw the Twinkies had beat Texas 11-4, I figured, "hey, they're hitting for power!" Uh, not exactly.

Here's how the Twins got their 11 runs last night: Infield single, run-scoring error, single, double, run-scoring fielder's choice, single, run-scoring fielder's choice, bases-loaded walk, sacrifice fly, triple, sacrifice fly.

Yes, that's 11 runs on TWO extra-base hits, two sac flys, three singles, two fielder's choices, a walk and an error. That's no home runs, and not a single hit that knocked in more than one run at a time. Don't get me wrong: a win is a win, and a run is a run. And "timely hitting' can be fun, especially when you send 12 men to the plate and score 9 runs in one inning.

But let's get real: you can't win consistently that way. The Twins are 19-6 when they score four runs or more. Shouldn't they be able to muster at least that most nights?

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 21, 2008 04:58 PM
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