December 16, 2008

Football Notes, Real and Imaginary

- The Eagles crushed the Cleveland Browns last night for their third straight victory, 30-10, as the offense was clicking on all cylinders and third string quarterback Ken Dorsey was no match for their resurgent defense. The Eagles now must get by Washington and Dallas the last two weeks of the season, and also need some help from other teams.

- I just listened to the Angelo Cataldi morning show rip the Eagles thoroughly, the morning after a 20-point victory. Why? Well, it's partially that show's agenda- they'd rather lose with a different coach than win with Andy Reid. And it was a few mistakes, including a turnover at the end of the first half. But it's mostly the "run the ball" obsession. Please. The passing game was working last night, and McNabb was on fire, so they threw, and they won. They're your team. Be happy.

- The MNF broadcast itself was amusing, both for the non-stop Philly-bashing- which Eagles fans generally treat as though it's a hate crime- and even references to the Santa Claus incident, which happened 40 years ago this week. I also loved when Kornheiser unequivocally declared, with Ron Jaworski sitting inches away, that McNabb is the best quarterback in Eagles history. I bet Tony forgot Jaws ever played for the Eagles.

- Philly needs the Vikings to beat Atlanta next week, in order to have hope of moving ahead of the Falcons. So it'll be nice to have the whole city on my team's side for once.

- That said, a Vikings-Eagles first round matchup looks very likely if both teams make the playoffs. I'll be in Vegas that weekend though, although hopefully not on a plane.

- And yes, Brian Westbrook didn't score, and Silver Surfers are therefore champion of my fantasy league for this year. Huzzah! If I can win as a fifth seed with a 5-7 regular season record, that gives hope to fans of every NFL team.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 16, 2008 02:30 PM

The Vikings have a legitimate chance of getting a #2 seed and 1st-round bye if they win their final two games.

They are two games behind both Carolina and NYG, but those two teams play each other next week. If the Vikings win, they'll be a game out of 2nd.

The Vikings already beat Carolina in week 3, and play NYG in week 17, so a win over the Giants would give them a tiebreaker advantage over both teams.

So if Carolina beats the Giants next week all the Vikings have to do is win their last two games for a #2 seed.

Conversely, if the Giants beat Carolina, the Vikings could still be the #2 seed if Carolina loses in Week 17 and the Vikes win.

Not a probable outcome, but it is a distinct possiblity.

Posted by: Jeremy at December 16, 2008 02:43 PM
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