January 22, 2010

Zucker Sucks

From the NYT, on the Leno/Conan mess:

“I think part of why there’s been such a visceral reaction to this is we’ve talked about change and taking risks, and that’s something I’ve always been associated with,” Mr. Zucker said. “And not being afraid to take chances.”
What kind of horseshit is that argument? They're not attacking Zucker for "taking risks"- they're attacking him for being consistently wrong about just about everything, and getting repeatedly promoted as the result of it.

This makes about as much sense as saying liberals hate Sarah Palin "because she's a mom."

This is even worse:

At the end of the interview in Mr. Zucker’s office, Steve Capus, the head of NBC News, spoke up strongly on behalf of his boss, saying the news media had blown the late-night ordeal “out of proportion,” especially, he said, in light of more important stories like the tragedy in Haiti. “He is paying a price that is so out of whack with what is happening here,” he said.
What kind of ridiculous deflection is that? Ignore Zucker's screwups! Haiti! Haiti! Haiti! And what price is he paying- he still has a job. I'd like to hear a defense lawyer try that one- "how dare you prosecute my client for those five murders- people are dying in Haiti!"

Posted by Stephen Silver at January 22, 2010 03:14 PM
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