January 22, 2010

Linc on the Main Line

Johnny Goodtimes, on "if Eagles fans were Villanova basketball fans"

Let’s not kid ourselves, Jay Wright is never going to win the big one. Yes, Villanova wins regular season games every year, but never the big one. Sweet 16 one year, Final Four the next, who cares? When it gets down to crunch time, Jay Wright is a choker. He is ruining this Villanova basketball team, and they will never really be winners until they get rid of him. He wears too much gel in his hair and he doesn’t say the things I would say if I was coach of Villanova instead of sitting here at Chickie and Pete’s eating Crab Fries. He is a disgrace and joke. I would rather Villanova sucked liked they used to than be good and just break my heart every year. I wish we still had Steve Lappas. He may have never won any important games, but I liked the things he said in his press conferences! Those teams had heart, something these Wildcats under Jay Wright will never have. Plus his suits are too expensive. He could feed the population of Yemen and prevent further terrorist attacks for the price of one of those suits, but you think Jay Wright cares about protecting the American people from terrorism? Hardly. He’s more concerned with breaking our hearts every year...

If this Villanova team had a real coach like John Wooden on the sidelines, they’d win some championships. Now that guy could coach. He won 12 championships! Compare that to Jay Wright, who’s won zero. 12-0. It’s not even close. Does that Nova team from last year lose to UNC in the Final Four with John Wooden on the sidelines? Hardly. You know who else Villanova could’ve used? Michael Jordan. That guy can play some basketball. I mean, if Nova had him instead of Scottie Reynolds...

Then again, Reynolds appears to be in about his seventh year at Villanova, so it makes sense to be sick of him.

Posted by Stephen Silver at January 22, 2010 03:15 PM
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