October 01, 2010

On "Boardwalk Empire"

I'm finally caught up on the first two episodes, and I think I like it. Great, great, great style, interesting plot, and I love the mixture of historical and fictional characters. Like Buscemi as a leading man, although my favorite part of the show is Michael Stuhlbarg- from "A Serious Man"- as Arnold Rothstein.

In fact, the cast is full of Coen Brothers veterans- Buscemi's been in several of their movies, as was Stuhlbarg, and Kelly MacDonald was Josh Brolin's wife in "No Country For Old Men." I hope this leads, in Season 2, to either the Coens guest-directing an episode, or John Turturro and/or John Goodman joining the cast.

And speaking of the Coens, when they showed Nucky having sex with his mistress, I half-expected a tall Indian to charge in and throw Buscemi across the room.

Speaking of which, how'd I not hear about this until now?

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 1, 2010 11:39 AM
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