October 01, 2010

McNabb's Homecoming

Let me put this as bluntly as I can: any Eagles fan who boos Donovan McNabb Sunday should be totally ashamed of themselves. In doing so, they will be doing all they can to confirm every negative stereotype about Philadelphia sports fans.

He's the man who's more responsible than anyone for the longest sustained period of success in Eagles history. And I really think more Philly fans than not realize this, and he'll be more cheered than booed. But the booing will be noticed more, because boos are louder than cheers.

Here's the sort of abject idiocy that I'm taking about:

Angelo Cataldi, a talk-show personality and the leader of the so-called "Dirty 30" the 30 hardcore Eagles fans who led the boos at Madison Square Garden when the Eagles drafted the Syracuse star over Texas running back Ricky Williams has organized a "Boo McNabb" parade featuring sign-carrying boo birds, a juggler, some strippers, and a guy on stilts. It remains to be seen if any of them will actually make it to Lincoln Financial Field for the game.
Always strippers, with those idiots. If you see these guys at the game, shun them. One Wing Bowl per year is enough.

And you know what else? Can we please not pretend that Sunday's game is a referendum on whether or not McNabb is a good quarterback, or whether the Eagles were right to get rid of him? Chances are Donovan will play the Eagles a bunch of more times before he retires.

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 1, 2010 11:39 AM
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