November 15, 2010

Sports Announcer Critic Quote of the Day

Doug Farrar of Football Outsiders on the Matt Millen/Joe Theissman-called Thursday night football game:

"This has been an absolute abomination- a complete and total embarrassment, and one of the worst-called sporting events I've ever seen. Whoever made the call to put these guys in the booth together and leave Mike Mayock out should be fired for incompetence. You know you're in Bizarro World when Joe Sunshine is the best guy in the booth. Bob Papa has had a rare off right, and I can’t really blame him – I’d imagine that being in the booth with Matt Millen is kind of like being an air traffic controller in the second half of the “Airplane” movie."

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 15, 2010 06:01 PM
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