November 15, 2010

Monday NFL Thoughts

- Well, I'd say the Vikings' season was fun while it lasted, but it really wasn't. They got beat, bad, by the Bears in Chicago Sunday to fall to 3-6, and their playoff hopes are just about dead. But don't worry, Brad Childress hasn't been fired yet so that drama will drag on for another week, too.

At this point, the only question I've concerned with is who will be quarterback next year. Donovan McNabb?* Kevin Kolb? Cam Newton? Ryan Mallet?

- I was far enough north in New Jersey that I was in the New York market for Sunday's games and I must say- those local car commercials with Mark Sanchez and Eli Manning are very, very funny. And I'm sure everyone there hates them or is sick of them.

- As for the Eagles, they play McNabb and the Redskins tonight, and while it's hard to imagine these Eagles losing twice in one year to an inferior Redskins team, Donovan does have a career-long history of having huge games the week after every major controversy. The Anti-Eagles Movement, I'm sure, will make fun of Donovan if the Eagles win, and Andy Reid if they lose.

- Speaking of Andy, you have to give him some credit at this point. It looks as though he got rid of McNabb at the right time, he signed Vick when everyone else in the world slammed him for it, and he picked Vick over Kolb when every sign said to do the opposite. Do you know how many coaches never make ANY smart quarterback decisions?

- And speaking of Vick, the consensus among Eagles fans, most of whom spent the '09 season decrying Vick as a monster and the team for signing him, now demand that he be given an extension, immediately.

By why is that? Shouldn't they wait until the end of the season to decide between Vick and Kolb? If there's a strike/lockout, won't rosters be frozen until it's settled, and won't they not even know the rules until then? And the question no one is asking is, what if Vick has another off-field slip-up? Isn't he still one strike away from lifetime banishment?

Speaking of which, I liked this quote from last week's female fill-in in Deadspin's Jamboroo:

"We're on the brink of a wonderful situation in which all the no-funs who vowed to forfeit the game eternally rather than, say, tolerate Vick now find themselves on the brink of sad obsolescence. It's like at a party when some girl gets offended because someone tried to cop a feel or something and she's all "come on, Jenny, we're leaving" to her tagalong friend and stomps on out the door. Then she waits a few seconds, scoffs audibly, pulls out her phone, studies it, calls Jenny, gets voicemail, scoffs again, glares at the door, shakes her head, marches back in, and finds Jenny sitting on some dude's lap and snorting a line off the table. ("It's just Ritalin!" Jenny says nervously, before straightening up and flipping her hair. "You don't have to wait for me. Christian said he'd give me a ride.")

*And... McNabb has signed an extension with Washington. Another dream dies.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 15, 2010 06:02 PM

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