December 10, 2010

TV Notes

Some thoughts on recent TV shows, some of which have wrapped up for the season, or for the month, or forever:

- "Terriers." I'm going to miss this show a lot, and it'll probably go down as one of the best one-and-done TV series ever ("Freaks and Geeks" remains the best.) The positive part is, I expect it to gain a cult following on DVD, with people figuring "hey, it's only one season, I'll have time to watch it!"

- "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." The season got off to a weak start but redeemed itself first with the classic Halloween episode, and then with the brilliant "Lethal Weapon" episode and the Chase Utley/Ryan Howard cameos. And funny that the "Who's Dee's baby's daddy?" mystery and the "Who's Cartman's Father?" bit from "South Park" ten years earlier had the exact same ending.

- "Glee." Despite all its many, many flaws, I still love this show. But did they just forget for an episode that Rachel was Jewish? She wears Christmas-colored clothes, has a favorite Christmas song and a Christmas wish. And what 16-year-old in 2010 has even heard of Wham!? It would be like if "Will and Grace" did one episode where Jack was straight and had a wife.

"The Office"- I haven't loved it this season, although it's always great to see Amy Ryan again and the idea of Angela having a boyfriend she doesn't know is gay has potential. But the episode where Michael suddenly gets obsessed with China was just painful- like someone in the writers' room read a Thomas Friedman column and decided "hey, this would make a funny sitcom episode!"

"Boardwalk Empire." Love this show and it picked up steam throughout the season. But did you notice they stole visual after visual from the Coen brothers? (And actors too?) The second-to-last episode was like an extended "Miller's Crossing" homage while other parts looked exactly like "O Brother Where Art Thou." Luckily, they turned to the best- "The Godfather"- for ripoff in the finale.

- "The Walking Dead." Great show that should have been more than six episodes- I really feel like there was enough story there for at least ten. Also, the show teaches a valuable lesson: Don't be racist, or else you'll be abandoned handcuffed on top of a building, as rampaging zombies approach, and your fate will be left maddeningly ambiguous.

- "Modern Family." Great episode Wednesday. Such a great cast, the kids especially. And Machete! And I knew I recognized the other mom at the dance and I couldn't put my finger on it- Artemis from "Always Sunny"!

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 10, 2010 01:05 PM
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