December 10, 2010

Not OK at All

I know we're not supposed to hold the supermarket tabloids to an especially high standard, but this Kendra Wilkinson abomination is pretty egregious even for them:

Now, when you see the phrase "loses her baby," it has a certain connotation- especially with an exclamation point and when paired with "tragic news." But that's not what happened- in fact, "loses her baby" in this instance means that Kendra's two-year-old son is now living in Minnesota with her husband, Hank Baskett, while he's there playing for the Vikings, while Kendra remains back in L.A.

"Loses her baby"? "Tragic news"? Does this magazine know how many of their readers have suffered miscarriages? And that "losing her baby," when she has the option of either bringing the baby back to L.A. with her or, I don't know, going to Minnesota herself, isn't exactly a tragedy at all? I'd imagine she has the means to go to Minnesota for the one month left in the football season- or is the Twin Cities that undesirable a location for a reality TV show?

It's not just offensive, it's inaccurate. I mean, this is a fire-the-editor-in-chief-level offense.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 10, 2010 01:06 PM
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