October 05, 2012

Checking Back In

Hey everyone- I feel bad that I've been neglecting this blog of late, but I've been very busy lately with work as well as family obligations. Here's a roundup of recent writings from throughout the web:

- First, and best of all, is the latest blog post from my sons Noah and Jonah, detailing their summer travels and adventures.

- At Dealerscope, a new electronics retail crime roundup from earlier this week.

- EntertainmentTell has been going now for almost six months, our audience is steadily growing, and I'm having a blast doing it. I've written quite a few essays lately, on such topics as: The Politics of Hollywood, Napster and Other Forgotten College Pursuits, Mitt Romney and Guy Smiley and, today, how "Deadwood" helped me lose weight.

- Over at our sister site Appletell, I wrote an essay on why the iPhone won't save the U.S. economy, which also ran as my column in the new issue of Tell magazine. And here's a link roundup about "Breaking Bad."

- Back on E-Tell, there have been lots of reviews of movies: "Taken 2," "Bernie," "The Words," "Bachelorette," "Oslo August 31st," "Lawless," "The Master," "Hit & Run," "Sleepwalk With Me," and "Looper." As always, you can see all my reviews over at my Rotten Tomatoes page.

- I'm also still writing every week at Philadelphia magazine's Philly Post. Recent column topics have included President Obama's alleged plot to ban suburbia, how that transgendered prison inmate is conservatives' worst nightmare, who the Republicans might blame if Obama wins whether Pennsylvania still matters in national politics and the laughability of Unskewedpolls.

- I've got a couple of other new things cooking, and one of these months I'll finally switch this blog over to Wordpress. In the meantime, thanks for checking in.

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 5, 2012 04:11 PM
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