November 07, 2012

Thoughts on the Election of 2012

Well, that's just about the most perfect Election Day that I can imagine. Barack Obama was decisively re-elected, winning every swing state except North Carolina (and possibly Florida). Obama won by enough that none of the "he stole the election" arguments will hold any water.

Same-sex marriage was on the ballot in four states, and won in all four, and I'm immensely proud that the state of my birth, Minnesota, became the first in the nation to vote to reject a constitutional marriage amendment.

All three Republican Senate candidates who said disgraceful things about rape went down to defeat. And the Tea Party was exposed for what it's always been: Republican extremism by another name, whose primary effect on politics has been the nomination of a parade of clowns going down to easy defeat.

The pollsters and pundits I trust were right and the ones I distrust were wrong. And the racists, the reactionaries and the idiots who have spent the past four years frothing at the mouth over Barack Obama being president were handed a decisive verdict: You're wrong, you're from the past, and the America you long for is gone and never, ever coming back.

Here's my Philly Post column about the election, one that was really four years in the making.

One more thought: Barack Obama was president when both of my sons were born. He's probably the first famous person my older son ever recognized on TV, and my younger son was with me in the voting booth. That Obama will be president for four more years, and will almost certainly be the first president my children remember, is something of which I'm immensely grateful.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 7, 2012 02:35 PM
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