July 26, 2012

July 20, 2012

Recent Writings

In my last two Philly Post columns, I argue with the "voting against their own self-interest" trope, and wonder why airplane flight never seems to get better.

This past week was the biggest yet for EntertainmentTell, so thanks everyone for reading. Here are some highlights:

- A piece of mine about the idea that Skyler on "Breaking Bad" and other females on cable dramas are bitches got a huge response and was even linked by Slate.

- My thoughts on the Daniel Tosh/rape joke controversy.

- I look back at what MInnesota music has meant to me, including The Hold Steady, Soul Asylum and the Replacements.

- A pet peeve about "The Newsroom."

- A review of The Cigarette Smoking Man's autobiography.

- Movie reviews: "The Dark Knight Rises," "The Amazing Spider-man," "Magic Mike" and my mid-year movie report card.

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Highlights From Around the Web

A few articles I've enjoyed in recent weeks:

- I've been waiting years for this, but the Jewish summer camp sport Gaga has finally broken through in the mainstream! The New York Times has more. I think I need to find an adult Gaga league to join.

- The Classical looks at John Rocker's latest career nadir, as a World Net Daily columnist.

- Drew Magary's been on a roll lately at Deadspin/Gawker, I especially liked his shot at Matt Millen the day of the Freeh Report.

- Fortune had a must-read piece about how most of what is known about the Fast and Furious scandal is wrong.

- Sally Jenkins, the last journalist to interview Joe Paterno, absolutely eviscerated him for lying to her in a column the day after the release of the Freeh Report.

- Alex Pareene, who's just been killing it lately over at Salon, gives an overview of the the Brett Kimberlin vs. right-wing bloggers melee.

- The area blocks from my office was home to David Lynch in the '70s, inspired him to make "Eraserhead," and is even known as "The Eraserhood," Philadelphia Weekly wrote.

- Balloon Juice is right: this election is the ugliest election ever, because all of them are.

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The Boys of Summer

Here's a new video I put together of Noah and Jonah this summer:

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Grandpa Al

My grandfather, Alvin Gleekel, passed away last month. Here's an article the Star Tribune wrote about him.

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