May 04, 2004

NYC Blog Summit

Tonight I went to the "NY Bloggers Talk" at the Apple Store in Soho, featuring many of the Big Apple's blogging A-Listers. The evening began with a Jeff Jarvis-moderated face-off between rival entrepeneurs Nick Denton and Jason Calacanis, during which the latter hinted- and wouldn't deny- that Mark Cuban will be an investor in his company. The two men did not, however, come to blows.

Next came a tech panel, with Anil Dash and Meg Hourihan, which sort of went over my head (though since the latter co-founded Blogger and the former Movable Type, I wouldn't be blogging if not for them).

Finally came the hipsters- Lockhart Steele, Jen Chung, moderator Felix Salmon, and Gawker's own Choire Sicha. Interesting discussion there as well, as each panelist was of course asked if their blog had ever gotten them laid (no one answered yes, though I suspect one or more or all of them was lying).

Most disturbing trend of the evening? Certainly the motif involving repeated mentions of "skullfucking," as a result of an advertiser-losing Gawker item from a few months back.

In other weblog news, Gawker Media will launch a new blog- a Hollywood version of the Gawker/Wonkette formula- tomorrow, and you can be sure they'll be all over the "Linda" Wachowski story. And Oliver "O-Dub" Willis is moving to Washington, DC, to to join the new left-wing blog effort led by ex-conservative David Brock. Someone re-locating just to blog? That's gotta be a first.

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 4, 2004 12:45 AM
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