January 04, 2006

Film Critic Quote of the Day

Blogger Yaron, of the Daily Lunch, on why "King Kong" is just like "Brokeback Mountain":

Here's the story: it's about a young woman who aspires to be in showbiz; she ends up in a rugged, semi-deserted location with a gruff, anti-social guy. The guy broods a lot and barely says more than a few words, but he's had a rough life and there's something alluring about him. The two are mistrusful of each other at first, and her attempts to entertain him fall flat, but after getting to know each other better (and fighting off some lethal animals) they develop a nice rapport; before you know it they're making googly eyes and stroking each other lovingly. She still has to deal with her "official" love interest, who's completely clueless about the relationship and a bit of an airhead to boot. Things really fall apart when he comes over to visit her, and once people get wind of the relationship it has to be destroyed. This is partly because society can't deal with things it doesn't understand, but mostly because there was realistically no other way to end the story.

Anyway, that's my view. I predict King Kong will do for man-ape love the same thing Brokeback Mountain did for homosexuality (i.e. nothing).

Doesn't he mean "woman-ape love"?

I liked 'Brokeback' a lot more than 'Kong'- for one thing, it didn't stop dead in its tracks for 45 minutes so all the sheep could fight each other.

Posted by Stephen Silver at January 4, 2006 04:53 PM

It featured interspecies sexuality, yet you hated it. Go figure.

Posted by: LilB at January 5, 2006 10:58 AM
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